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Am I the dissident, or am I just where you hang the blame? Tourniquet.


Come experience, Monolith, our latest single here!

Shining Apollo

Our latest single, Shining Apollo, is now on our YouTube Channel!

BlizzCon Winner

We're proud to announce that our song The Queen of Blades won the 2010 BlizzCon Original Song Contest! And it's available for download here!

YouTube Play

Our music video for The Armada was selected for the 'Shortlist' of the YouTube Play Biennial of Creative Video with the Guggenheim Museum!


Here on 'guillotine' business? Go here.

It Begins

The new Galt Aureus album is on iTunes! Get it there or in our shop..

Legio Aurei

The Legion site now features an entry point to The Legion Citadel where members gain access to specific "rooms" according to completion of quests.

Rooms in The Legion Citadel hold gifts and exclusive content.


Galt Aureus has released their full-length album CITADELS! See what the stir is about, order the album and spread the revolution.

Galt Aureus - Citadels.  The full-length album by singer/songwriter sbGALT.
"This is the one indie album you cannot miss: Galt Aureus presents a sophisticated amalgam of hard-hitting rock, sweet, soaring melodies and ethereal orchestral elements..."