Below are the "non-album" Galt Aureus tracks for free download. Want to help us bring more works into the world? We're an independent band, so 100% of your donation will go into the creation of another one of our songs and videos.

You can also get behind us by buying our albums on iTunes.

Thanks <3

The downloads:

Burn Down the Stage
Fallen on the Front Lines
I Want To Believe
Coming Down
This One
In History (annotation registry)
Of War And Wisdom
From the Towers to the Ground (robot band)
Drop the Match
My Cat
You Don't Want To Find Out Too Late
None of Us Are Safe
Is There Anyone Left?
My Lips Are Sealed
The Haunted Mind
The Beautiful Longing Words
The Armada of Our Time (a it was being written)

Download all the MP3s as a zip file.