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To develop the greatest singing voice of your life, all you need to do is sing along! Convenient and instantly downloadable, you can play these lessons in your car, on your iPod, from your computer or via any music-playing device.

The Super Singer Bundle (includes FREE gift: Sing in Tune!)

Do you want to be a great singer? This is what you need. A massive collection of the vocal exercises and techniques you need to dramatically improve your singing voice.

Learn how to sing with power, hit the high notes effortlessly, sing perfectly in tune and sound incredible. Instant download!

INCLUDES the Vocal Technique I (General), Vocal Technique II (Advanced), Vibrato Workshop, and Vocal Breakthroughs downloads in one inexpensive bundle. Also, get Sing In Tune for free!

...$29 (on sale, best value!)

Sing In Tune

A rigorous training program to give you the ability to sing perfectly in tune! With Sing In Tune, say goodbye to "pitchiness" and sour notes and start giving mind-blowing live and studio performances! Instant download!


Vocal Breakthroughs Add-on

These are execises that give you those sudden breakthroughs; you'll immediately shatter what you thought were your limits. This specifically focuses on unlocking brilliant high notes without strain, unleashing your power, and connecting your registers to erase your vocal breaks. All in a heartbeat.

This is an add-on. You'll want to use this in conjunction with the other vocal training lessons for a complete vocal workout. Instant download!


Vocal Technique II: Advanced

Make immense progress in your singing with these challenging lessons. This is the next step in the sbGALT Vocal Technique series; finished Vocal Technique I and Vibrato Workshop and ready to take it to the next level? This is it.

Absolutely not for untrained, beginner or intermediate singers: advanced singers only! Instant download!


Vocal Technique I: General

A cheap way to improve the main aspects of your voice—learn how to hit the high notes, sing with power and polish your tone. Instant download!


Vibrato Workshop

Learn the advanced art of vocal vibrato—the shimmering quality that separates the pros from amateurs—and sound like a professional! Also includes a compendium of need-to-know scales for singers. Instant download!


The Super Singer Bundle + 1 Private Lesson

Receive The Super Singer Bundle downloadable lesson package as well as a 30 minute private lesson with sbGALT (over the phone or Skype) at a big discount. In the private lesson, you'll receive a vocal diagnostic as well as a detailed plan on how to become the singer you've always wanted.

...$120 $85 (on sale!)

**Once ordered, you will receive an e-mail with download instructions.